Saturday, 7 October 2017

Is the Islam Largest Most Misunderstood Religion?

According to Western communities, Islam is a religion reduced to extremism, bigamy, and pessimism but we all know that Islam is the religious conviction of peace and humanity. By the Western Media, the frontage of Islam has strangely one-sided and they have imparted the misconceptions in the minds of their people. According to Quran, 

“Indeed, the religion in the vision of Allah is Islam.” [Quran 3:19] 

We told them, any man with a beard is not Muslim Terrorist, a woman with Hijab is not an old-fashioned Muslim lady, and a preacher of a Masjid is not an implementer or leader of Taliban. These are all typecasts and myths that have no definite foundation but are lost mazes. 

 Misconceptions in Western Community 

They have also misunderstandings about the teachings of Quran and they think Islam is a terrorist religion. The reason behind it, they have not studied Islam properly and deeply or they just believe in their media that spread untruth. Major misunderstandings regarding Muslim community are given below,

• Islam encourages Violence 
• Muslim men are lawbreaker 
• Muslim women are burdened unit 
• Must be Muslim or you will decay in a hell 

Islam has Succeeded by Sword 

According to Non-Muslims thinking, Islam is a religion that has spread by means or strength of ferocity through the sword. They said Islamic system has got no roots or have no grounds. Allah says in the Holy Quran, 

“There is no pressure or force in Islam. The correct decision is definitely clear from fault” [Quran2:256] 

Islam is one of the greatest religion in the world and has characteristic to shield the minorities and let them discourse their religion in their full dimensions. Remember one thing, Islam is not against any other religion. Our Beloved Holy Prophet (PBUH) is the clear example of this. According to the Holy Quran, 

“O manhood, indeed, we have shaped you from male and female and completed your societies and communities that you may know one another. Indeed, the most honorable of you in the vision of Allah is the most virtuous of you. Indeed, Allah is Meaningful and Acquainted.” [Quran 49:13] 

These are all misunderstandings that are tangled with religious conviction Islam after 9/11 incident and can only be eased if experienced the true code and behavior of Islam. You should travel all over the world to make relation and remove these misconceptions as talk to them and use our Umrah Tour Packages 2018 UK to perform your Holy worships.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Perform Umrah After Nikah For Pilgrimage Deed

Islam has given a set of instructions and code of conducts for spending the life in a proper manner. Each single aspect of life should be spent in the proper Islamic way. Even if it is a case of marriage, it should be done in a proper Islamic way as well, so that the married couple can protect themselves from the wickedness of Shaitan and evil eye. The most sacred relation in the world is of husband and wife, and they become a married couple by a proper method which is called Nikah. You cannot become husband and wife unless you have not done Nikah which is the ultimate requirement of marriage.  Nikahin Islam is the connection exquisitely recognized for wellbeing and maintenance of an Islamic society.

The actual meaning of Nikah is Aqad. It means that Nikah is a contract among two people. Just like any other contract, Nikah also has some terms and conditions which needs to be followed properly. It is surely the most sacred contract in the whole world. When two people are about to get married, Allah starts showering His blessings on the couple. Whenever they come near to each other for affection, after Nikah, angels send their sanctification on the whole couple. It is seen that many people spend a huge amount of money on their honeymoon after marriage. Muslim couples are recommended to perform Umrah via umrah packages 2018 after their marriage so that they can start their life journey in the most sacred way. The Quran forces both men and women to fulfill their social responsibilities by developing themselves ethically and mentally.

The contract of Nikah in Islams should be considered as the most sanctified and holy agreement among the people and they can both perform hajj as well among hajj packages 2018 service takers. All the conditions mentioned on the term paper of Nikah should be fulfilled by both the groom and the bride and if their families are involved, then the conditions related to their families should also be completed. If Allah has made something for us, then it is only for our own betterment and we should make sure that we are following all the rules of Islam so that we can spend our life in an Islamic way in this world and in life hereafter.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

An Ideal Muslim Lifestyle

Muslims are the most blessed nation in this world who have been given such a religion which provides complete guidance to the people. There is no religion in this world which is as complete and holy like the religion Islam. Unfortunately, Muslims are take their religion for granted. They should learn from the example of newly convert Muslims who take the verses of Islam very seriously and also follow them with a pure heart and mind. Just like many other things, Muslims also hold a lot of categories. In order to be a good and ideal Muslim, and you need to make sure that you follow the important rules of Islam which provide an accurate direction towards a healthy and prosperous lifestyle. An ideal Muslim fulfills all the obligations of Islam including Hajj via cheapest hajj tour packages uk which is obligatory on those who can afford it. A true Muslim will not only fulfill the rights of Allah Almighty but also tries his best to fulfill the rights of human beings. He will make sure that he doesn’t hurt any person with his words or actions. An ideal Muslim forgives people before going to bed. He doesn’t hold any grudges in his heart nor does he has envy in his mind for other people. He will think positive about the people that are present in his life and will always pray for their success and betterment. The success of those people will not make him feel jealous. An ideal Muslims will have patience and perseverance in his heart. He will have a strong stamina and will always look for the positive things in his life which will help him in getting reward in this world and in the world hereafter. One thing that an ideal Muslim avoid is the feeling of hatred. He will have sympathy in his heart even for his enemies because he knows that his enemies are the ones who make him realize about the bitter reality of life. It is good to perform Umrah through cheap umrah tour packages uk but you should also make sure that you are fulfilling the rights of other people because you will be held accountable for them on the Day of Judgment. May Allah provide the chance to each person so that he can lead an ideal Muslim Lifestyle which is needed to succeed in the life hereafter.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Importance of Mother in Islam

There is a famous saying that “Out of all the gifts that life has offered, a loving mother is the greatest of them all”. There is no doubt that a mother’s love is the most unconditional and purest love in the world which demands nothing in return. She loves all her children equally, without any kind of discrimination. Each single relation in this world will demand something else in return except a mother’s love who love her children without any terms and conditions. There is not a single religion which has not given emphasis on the importance of a mother’s love. Even in Islam, a mother’s rank is so high that the Heaven is said to under the feet of a mother. This shows the importance of mother’s love and respect in Islam. It is said that when you look at your parents with love, you get the reward as much as you get when you perform Umrah with Umrah in 2017 with packages. It is narrated by Abu Hurayrah (R.A) that a person came to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and asked him who deserve my love fine treatment more? Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) replied that your mother. The person asked who is next? Prophet replied your mother. The man asked who is next for the third time. Prophet Mohammad replied your mother. When the person ask who is next for the fourth time, Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) said your father. This shows the high significance of mother’s love in Islam which three times more importance than a father. A mother carries her child in her womb for nine months, and faces all the problems of labor pain throughout the phase of pregnancy. Even after giving birth, she has to deal with a whole new responsibility of a living human being. It would be a great gesture from your side if you take your mother for Umrah through cheapest hajj tour 2017 packages and she will be able to experience the sacred journey of her life. Always remember that you get your mother once in your life so try to take care of her as much as you can. Take the respect and love of her by treating her in a nice manner. May Allah Almighty give a long and healthy life to all the mothers and a high place in Jannah for the ones who have left us Ameen.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Behavior with Enemies in Islam

There is a famous saying that you should be grateful to your enemies more than your friends because they are the ones who make you realize how strong you are and how much capability you have to deal with the tough situations. Sometimes, people are not aware of the fact that their so called friends are also their enemies who are nice to them on their face but are stabbing their back constantly. When it comes to the religion of Islam, it has also given the golden rules and principles through which we should lead our life in a good manner. Since Islam has given us the commands related to all the aspects of life, then how is it possible that it would not have said anything related to the behavior towards enemies?

If you look at the life of our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) you would realize that he has given amazing lessons to the Muslims through which we can learn a lot. His enemies had teased him in so many different ways that if there was anyone else instead of our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) he wouldn’t have beard that all alone but Prophet remained stable throughout his journey in spreading the message of Allah. Due to his kind behavior towards his enemies, many Non-Muslims converted to Islam.

It is the need of hour that apart from fulfilling all the obligations of Islam like fasting in Ramzan, offering Namaz five time and performing Hajj through Non Shifting Hajj Package Luxury Hotels 2017 we should also make sure that our behavior and deeds towards other people are also good. If we hurt other people by our behavior and then expect that we can please Allah through ourNamaz, then we are clearly not aware of our God’s commands.It has been mentioned in Quran that good and evil acts are not same. Resist or prevent the evil deeds with good ones. Whoever is your enemy will surely become your friend (41:33). This Ayat clearly shows the importance of good behavior with our enemies.

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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Choosing Of The Best Hajj Deal

To be prepared for the rigors needed of you, you must be physically fit. To achieve this, start an arrangement of enthusiastic walking and running for twenty to thirty minutes a day around three to four earlier months your departure. Slowly but surely assemble this course of therapy for an hour reliably or one another day. After a few days of strolling/running start talking about the Talbiyah and the supplications to Allah for the Tawaf. This will continue your psyche had all through the dreariness of the action, and will furthermore help you get in a peaceful disposition. Concentrating on the significance of the petitions to the Allah, will help you get prepared for the bona-fides Hajj as well. 
To book a Hajj deal, look for the secure agent and study on its policy and the services if you wish to know more about its history and traditions. Familiarize yourself with all parts of the Hajj process. Keep in mind the petitions to the Almighty and in like manner take on their importance. It requires beside no effort to do as such and it is such an incredible arrangement, all the all the more fulfilling and compensating when you appreciate what you describe. It serves little motivation to present the prayers silently with no impression of the words talked. When you are about to book for the Best Hajj 2018 Package must be booked from some reliable source. The more you consider Hajj, its duties, and prohibitions, the more amusing and settled you will feel all through the whole performance. You will make confident of what you are doing, and will similarly be free of the direction and actuating of your sidekicks or a Mutawif. 
Your petitions to the Allah will bear the indication of the intention and responsibility imagined information and trust. A few people don't take the hindrance of taking in the customs and applies for the Hajj themselves and, consequently, depend on upon master Mutawifs for the execution of these functions. You will find such people performing the Tawaaf under the power of these guides, endeavoring to stay mindful of their relative pilgrims in the transforming throngs of pilgrims around the Kaabah. In the event that you have invested energy and book a deal from the Hajj offers it is ideal for all the customs yourself.