Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Behavior with Enemies in Islam

There is a famous saying that you should be grateful to your enemies more than your friends because they are the ones who make you realize how strong you are and how much capability you have to deal with the tough situations. Sometimes, people are not aware of the fact that their so called friends are also their enemies who are nice to them on their face but are stabbing their back constantly. When it comes to the religion of Islam, it has also given the golden rules and principles through which we should lead our life in a good manner. Since Islam has given us the commands related to all the aspects of life, then how is it possible that it would not have said anything related to the behavior towards enemies?

If you look at the life of our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) you would realize that he has given amazing lessons to the Muslims through which we can learn a lot. His enemies had teased him in so many different ways that if there was anyone else instead of our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) he wouldn’t have beard that all alone but Prophet remained stable throughout his journey in spreading the message of Allah. Due to his kind behavior towards his enemies, many Non-Muslims converted to Islam.

It is the need of hour that apart from fulfilling all the obligations of Islam like fasting in Ramzan, offering Namaz five time and performing Hajj through Non Shifting Hajj Package Luxury Hotels 2017 we should also make sure that our behavior and deeds towards other people are also good. If we hurt other people by our behavior and then expect that we can please Allah through ourNamaz, then we are clearly not aware of our God’s commands.It has been mentioned in Quran that good and evil acts are not same. Resist or prevent the evil deeds with good ones. Whoever is your enemy will surely become your friend (41:33). This Ayat clearly shows the importance of good behavior with our enemies.

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